HISTORY 399: History of Sex in the U.S.

CRN: 43098

LOCATION: 214 McKenzie Hall

DAYS / TIMES: MTWR, 2:00-3:50, 7/18-8/10

COURSE DESCRIPTION: History 399 will cover the history of sex in the United States, from the colonial era through the twentieth century.  Using a variety of primary and secondary sources, we will emphasize the ways that social, cultural, scientific, and political attitudes toward sex and sexuality have changed over time.  We will also pay particular attention to the ways that race, class, and gender shape (and are shaped by) those attitudes.

REQUIRED TEXT: Kathy Peiss, Major Problems in the History of American Sexuality (2002).

Week 1

Monday, 7/18              Course Introduction

Tuesday, 7/19             Sex and New World Encounters

Wednesday, 7/20       Sex in the Anglo-American Colonies

Thursday, 7/21           Gender, Sex, and Slavery

Week 2

Monday, 7/25              Gender Conflict and Sex Reform

Tuesday, 7/26             Nineteenth-Century Love and Intimacy

Wednesday, 7/27        Nineteenth-Century Conflicts over Sexuality

Thursday, 7/28            In-Class Midterm Exam

Week 3

Monday, 8/1                Prostitution and Working Class Sexuality

Tuesday, 8/2               Reproductive Politics

Wednesday, 8/3          Hetero- and Homosexuality in Popular Culture

Thursday, 8/4             Sex in Cold War America

Week 4

Monday, 8/8                Sexual Revolution

Tuesday, 8/9               Sexual Health in Contemporary America

Wednesday, 8/10        In-Class Final Exam